Van Gogh Finally Meets Vermeer’s Girl With The Pearl Earring



Art Students Created A Surprising Meeting Between Two Artistic Icons
Ali Mosmar Is an Art student at the Institute of Arts at the Lebanese University -Alhdt.
In his post he writes: “In the atmosphere of the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the Institute of Arts at the Lebanese University -alhdt students participated in the Master 2 author of processing performance art work of art; and the students a tradition of the artist Van Gogh and inspired by the work of a student artist Vermeer “earring”.

The live performance which depicts Van Gogh with the Vermeer’s girl was created  with his students friends –  Zainab Al Mez, Shatha Abu Shaqra, Tharwat olives, Zainab Ayub,  Ayatollah Abu Hawash, Zainab Ayyash, Fatima Fneish, Mariam Kamal al-Din, and Mohammed Hussein.

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